How to choose the right PVC volume pads?

A silk circle footpad is a car interior ornament made of PVC compound extracted from high-quality resin powder, melted and extruded at high temperature, molded into a silk bar on the PVC bottom plate, and refined through heating, cooling, cutting, trimming, inspection, and other processes. Car owners can recognize the silk circle footpad quickly because the silk circle footpad has many advantages.

PVC volume pads

Features of PVC volume pads:

  1. The silk circle footpad can relieve foot fatigue and increase pleasure ducircle driving.
  2. The silk circle footpad product has superelasticity, excellent be a circle capacity, no deformation ducircle extrusion, instant memory recovery, intact as before.
  3. The product contains flame-retardant materials, which will be extinguished immediately in case of an open fire, to prevent the fire caused by the falling of inflammable such as cigarette butts.
  4. The special technology of the silk circle foot pad makes the product have the function of anti-static. It can effectively release the static electricity generated by air drying, high-speed driving of the car, and air friction, which can protect people’s safety and protect the electronic equipment in the car.
  5. The coil foot pad is not stiff at low temperatures and does not melt at high temperatures. Whether in the severe cold or the hot summer, it can not be deformed or faded in all seasons of the year with reliable quality and long service life.
  6. In terms of dirt resistance, wear-resistance, and cleaning, the silk circle footpad has obvious advantages. The silk circle effect design makes the floor mat have a stronger ability to absorb dirt and keep the car clean. Especially on rainy and snowy days, you don’t need to worry about the muddy water that will contaminate the car’s interior. Even if it’s dirty, wash it with a water gun. And because of the special PVC material, the wear-resistant effect is also good. Besides, it can be used throughout the year, which is very practical and convenient.
  7. High-grade and clean products have become the first choice for interior ornaments of medium and high-grade models in terms of appearance design. Compared with traditional foot mats, PVC roll mats can improve the grade of the car interior and make the car owners feel more comfortable when driving.

Car silk circle foot pad

When the car owner purchases the silk circle mat, he can judge the silk circle mat’s quality by the following methods.

  1. Look at the quality of the silk circle footpad.

It is essential to make the silk circle footpad. The high-quality silk circle foot pad can be used for 2-3 years, while the low-quality silk circle footpad is easy to break after half a year. It is easy to knead the silk circle footpad. Of course, it is more laborious to knead the high-quality footpad, and there will be obvious cracks, which indicates that the wire may be broken after long-term use.

  1. Check whether the rubber surface of the wire circle footpad is antiskid.

A lot of traffic accidents are caused by the sliding of footrest. The nail on the rubber surface of the silk circle footpad is essential. There will be anti-skid nails on the rubber surface of the high-grade silk circle footpad. The design of the anti-skid nails is directly related to the fit and anti-skid effect of the footpad.

  1. Look at the pattern of the silk circle footpad.

The lines of the car silk circle footpad can determine whether it is convenient to clean. As long as the lines are clear, it will be convenient to clean. When cleaning the high-quality footpad with a water gun, the sewage will flow down in a linear shape, and it is OK to dry it for about 1 hour. And the brand of silk circle footpad in the village will accumulate water when cleaning, and it is easy to hide dirt.

  1. Check whether the silk circle foot pad has a peculiar smell.

Car cushions and car Ottomans have a little taste, so after the car owner purchases the silk circle Ottomans, it’s better to put them in the ventilated place for two or three hours to dry, so the taste is basically gone. However, the poor silk loop mat will have a strong, pungent smell, which is still difficult to remove even if dried for a long time.

Beautiful PVC coil pad

Remind all car owners to choose the right footpad according to their own economic and demand conditions to avoid excessive waste or wrong purchase.