PVC coil floor mat, ideal choice for car owners

PVC coil floor mat is a more and more popular car floor mat for car owners. The surface is a silk-like surface, and then it is made by viscose or hot-melt way. Compared with the traditional leather and cloth floor mats, the PVC roll floor mats can be cut and shaped by the owners themselves, and the cleaning is convenient, which is not easy to make the car moldy.

PVC coil floor mat

PVC coil floor mats belong to the car’s interior and are mainly used as car foot mats. Therefore, they are designed to maximize harmony between people and cars.

PVC coil floor mats for automobiles are soft, smooth, and comfortable. The spinneret is tough, glossy, and soft. There are anti-skid nails on the back. The spinneret is well connected with the primer. The spinneret is textured, regular, soft, and elastic. The anti-skid soft nails are evenly distributed on the back to grip the floor effectively. After folding and pressing, it rebounds quickly without crease.

The spinneret is tough and soft.

PVC coil floor mats are placed in the car. The space in the car is small and airless. People need to stay in the car for a long time, requiring high comfort and environmental protection. The PVC material used for PVC coil floor mats is safe and environmentally friendly and will not produce toxic gases under high-temperature conditions, which is very stable.

PVC material safety and environmental protection

PVC coil floor mats can be easily washed clean, and water can flow out quickly along with the footpad bottom glue and can be used after a swing, convenient and durable.

The competition for silk circle products is fierce, and the retail price varies from more than 100 yuan to more than 1000 yuan. The difference lies in the quality difference. For example, a good silk circle can be used for more than 50000 kilometers, and a common silk circle can only be used for more than 10000 kilometers, with a difference of more than three times.

Also, different raw materials and production processes will cause differences in the environmental protection performance of products. Good products can be free of formaldehyde and heavy metals, while poor silk rings are severely over standard, which causes great harm to car owners’ health.

Coil floor mat

Generally speaking, the following four aspects should be paid attention to when choosing coil products:

1、 Smell

Many car floor mats have the problem of formaldehyde and other pollutants exceeding the standard seriously. Consumers can smell the smell when they buy them. Generally, PVC coil floor mats with pungent smells are not qualified. High-quality PVC coil floor mats can basically achieve zero formaldehyde pollution and bring a healthy driving environment to car owners. Therefore, the car owner must pay attention to observe whether the footpad has a stimulating taste when purchasing to avoid health risks.

2、 Tensile force

The general high-quality PVC coil floor mats perform very well in terms of tensile force. If the tensile force of the floor mats in general, they may suddenly break and shift during driving, which will endanger the car owner’s driving. When the car owner purchases the footpad, he can try to pull the wire ring vigorously. If the wire ring is easy to break, there may be a safety hazard.

3、 Brand awareness

There are many brands of PVC coil floor mats in the market. When buying the floor mats, we have to consider brand awareness. A good PVC coil floor mats brand, on the premise of ensuring safety and functionality, has better service, and can also show the car owner’s taste.

4、 Appearance color

Generally speaking, the lines of high-quality PVC coil floor mats are obvious, and the overall appearance color is also perfect, not too bright or too dim. Choosing such mats to decorate the car can reflect the owner’s fashion.

Therefore, when choosing car floor mats, you must not be greedy for cheap or perfunctory. The most important thing is to choose a regular brand of car mats.