PVC coil floor mats – Russian customers visit

PVC roll floor mat is a kind of car floor mat that is more and more popular with the car owners, the surface is the filamentous surface layer, and then it is made in viscose or hot-melt way. Compared with traditional leather mat, cloth grain mat, PVC roll material floor mat can be cut by the shape and cleaning convenience owner, not easy to make the car moldy.

Convenient cleaning

We are a design and development as one of the factories, production, and processing of various automotive mats and cushions. The factory has a professional automotive pad production process and sales team. It is currently a large plant size, more personnel, and daily production of a large one of the full cover pad production enterprises. The factory has a professional production process and sales team of automobile floor mats. It is one of the full coverage floor mats production enterprises with a large scale plant, large number of personnel, and large daily production.

Production process picture

Not long ago, Russian customers placed a large number of orders. From inquiry to production and order are all through network communication, whether the coiled material floor mat can achieve the desired effect or not needs to be confirmed by customers. Because Russian customers have strict requirements on product quality, we invite customers to visit our factory. Members of the Foreign Trade Department warmly received them, took customers to the exhibition hall of our factory, and told customers many details about the car floor mats.

Russian customers

Features of PVC coil mat:

  1. The silk circle footpad can relieve foot fatigue and increase pleasure during driving.
  2. The silk ring foot pad product has superelasticity, excellent bearing capacity, no deformation during extrusion, instant memory recovery, intact as before.
  3. The product contains flame-retardant materials, which will be extinguished immediately in case of an open fire, to prevent the fire caused by the falling of inflammable such as cigarette butts.
  4. The special technology of the silk ring foot pad makes the product have the function of anti-static, effectively release the static electricity generated by air drying, high-speed driving of the car, and air friction, not only protecting people’s safety but also protect the electronic equipment in the car.
  5. The coil foot pad is not stiff at low temperatures and does not melt at high temperatures. In all seasons of the year, whether cold or hot, it can not be deformed or faded, with reliable quality and long service life.
  6. In terms of dirt resistance, wear-resistance, and cleaning, the silk ring footpad has obvious advantages. The silk ring effect design makes the floor mat have a stronger ability to absorb dirt and keep the car clean. Especially on rainy and snowy days, you don’t need to worry about the muddy water that will contaminate the car’s interior. Even if it is dirty, wash it with a water gun. And because of the special PVC material, the wear-resistant effect is also good. Also, it can be used all-year-round, which is very practical and convenient.
  7. High-grade and clean products have become the first choice for interior ornaments of medium and high-grade models in terms of appearance design. Compared with traditional foot mats, PVC roll mats can improve the grade of the car interior and make the car owners feel more comfortable when driving.

Full display in the car

The manufacturing process of coil mat carpet:

The production and processing of spinneret foot mats require high safety of the car coil mats. The coil must be sprayed on the bottom of the anti-skid nail by the hot-melt process to make the coil and the anti-skid bottom firm and not split, long-term, and durable the coil will not deform after the use of the high-speed dehydrator.


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