PVC coil mat carpet for automobile — German customer visit

We are a factory specializing in design, research and development, production, and processing various car footpads and cushions. Our factory has a professional production process and sales team of car foot pat. It is one of the full coverage footpad production enterprises with a large-scale factory, a large number of the person, and large daily production.

A car footpad can effectively prevent water, dust, and skid as a practical automotive product, especially suitable for rainy and cold weather. Our factory produces a PVC coil mat carpet for automobile, which has a huge sales volume and has been highly praised by customers at home and abroad. Not long ago, a supplier of automotive products from Germany came to our factory for a visit, hoping to deepen the understanding of our factory and related automotive products through on-the-spot investigation, to deepen further cooperation.

Friendly negotiation with German customers

Our factory’s foreign trade personnel introduced the functions and advantages of PVC coil mats, PVC coil floor mats, automobile PVC coil carpet, and other products. Then, we discussed and negotiated with German customers about the details of the products. During this period, accompanied by the technical manager and the foreign trade department’s business personnel, the German customers introduced the current development status and future development direction of the factory. After preliminary understanding, the German customers affirmed the comprehensive strength of our factory.

After the meeting, accompanied by the factory’s foreign trade personnel, the customer came to our factory’s production workshop. The foreign trade personnel introduced the production process and quality control of the car foot mats. Customers are delighted with a series of auto products produced by our factory, environmentally friendly, dirt-resistant, and wear-resistant.


Actual production photos

Features of PVC coil mat carpet for automobile:

  1. PVC coil mat carpet feels very soft and has a good foot feeling, which can effectively relieve foot fatigue.
  2. It can scrape off the dirt on the shoes and effectively hide the scraped dirt.
  3. By cutting, the fit between the footpad and the car is high, which does not affect the brake and accelerator’s action.
  4. The coil is not easy to fall off. It is formed by high-tech spinneret. The product material is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell.
  5. When cleaning the coil footpad, use a high-pressure water gun to wash it, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry it, which is simple and convenient.
  6. The product contains flame-retardant materials, which will be extinguished immediately in case of an open fire, to prevent the fire caused by the falling of inflammable such as cigarette butts.
  7. The special technology of PVC coil foot pad makes the product have the function of anti-static, effectively releasing the static electricity generated by air drying, high-speed driving, and air friction, not only protecting people’s safety also protect the electronic equipment in the car.

Coil mat carpet details

PVC coil floor mats belong to the car’s interior and are mainly used as car foot mats. Therefore, they are designed to maximize harmony between people and cars.

Partial detail

This visit from German customers has brought our factory opportunities and laid a foundation for the factory to explore European and American markets. We have signed a contract with our German customers, who have paid a deposit in advance. We promise to arrange the delivery within 48 hours, pay the full amount upon arrival of the goods, and choose the safest transportation mode. If you encounter any problems on the way, you can negotiate with us to solve them. After receiving the goods, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, we will serve wholeheartedly, all with the customer’s satisfaction as the purpose!