PVC coil mats — visit from Russian customers

Now, with the development of economy, cars are more and more popular. Car cushions also come into people’s daily life and become indispensable consumer goods for car owners.

The car foot mats belong to the interior decoration, which integrates five functions of water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, sound insulation and protection of the main carpet, and plays the role of beauty, comfort and barrier of stains. PVC coil pad is a kind of car foot pad. Because of its simple and generous appearance, anti-seepage and durable characteristics and reasonable price, it has been recognized and selected by more and more consumers and has become one of the current mainstream products.

Our PVC coil mats are exported to many countries, such as South Korea, Japan, Spain, Thailand and so on, and have been highly praised by foreign users. Recently, Russian customers contacted us and said they want to buy 500 sets of PVC coil mats. He said that he had a preliminary understanding of us on the Internet. He felt that our coil mats were made of thick materials, environmentally friendly materials, wear-resistant and durable. He wanted to have further cooperation and conversation with us. Our company warmly invited him to the factory for field visit.

Workshop real picture

Workshop real picture

Our staff explained the characteristics of PVC coil mats in detail:

  • PVC coil matsadopt hot-melt technology, professional hot-melt equipment high temperature and high heat integrated molding and pressing, fine workmanship, not easy to fall off, perfect technology. PVC material is high-quality environmental protection, non-toxic, non formaldehyde, no peculiar smell, green environmental protection, no stimulation to infants, no deformation at high temperature, no hardening and embrittlement in winter, safe to use. It is produced in strict accordance with the environmental protection standards, and has passed the SGS test in Switzerland, bringing more safe, healthy and environmental protection space for users.

2、It is waterproof and anti-seepage, and has strong function of pollutant storage. Dust and dirt can be effectively controlled in the fiber pile layer. The car is kept clean and fresh at any time. It can effectively protect the respiratory system of the human body, and protect the nose sensitive people from being stimulated. Even in rainy and snowy days, the material and technology at the bottom can also play a good waterproof and antifouling effect.

3、The surface of PVC coil pad is composed of thousands of coils, which has good flame-retardant characteristics. High temperature baking will not cause combustion, effectively ensuring the safety of the riding environment.

4、High quality anti-skid convex lines produce friction with the ground. With the design of anti-skid soft nails, it has strong grip and first-class anti-skid ability. It will not move randomly to ensure driving safety.

5、PVC coil mats have super elasticity and excellent bearing capacity. It can curl, fold and extrude freely without deformation. It can recover quickly without crease and is durable. It adopts the spring design of the silk loop foot pad, which is soft and elastic, and can relieve the foot fatigue, making the passengers as comfortable as stepping on the carpet and lawn.

6、The cleaning method is very simple. For dirt and dust, take out the mat and shake it and shake it. For other stains, wash them with water or sprinkle some washing powder and detergent directly, then brush them with a brush and then wash them with water. After washing, do not need to wait, dry as soon as you throw it away, to avoid the damp smell caused by ordinary car cushions that are not easy to dry.

After the explanation and visit, Russian customers were very satisfied. They immediately signed a purchase contract with us for 500 sets. After negotiation, the customer paid a deposit in advance. We promised to arrange the delivery within 48 hours, pay the full amount upon delivery, and choose the safest transportation mode. If you encounter any problems on the way, you can negotiate with us to solve them. After receiving the goods, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, we will serve wholeheartedly, all with the customer’s satisfaction as the purpose!

Contract with Russian customers


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