PVC coil pad – New Zealand customer visit

Car foot pad is a kind of environmental protection car interior parts, which integrates five main functions of water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, sound insulation and main carpet protection. Our factory according to the market demand, the main production provides wear-resistant and dirty PVC coil pad, very popular with customers. Not long ago, customers from New Zealand asked us about PVC coil pad, and came to our factory for field visit. Our technicians gave a detailed introduction to customers.

Customer experience

Silk ring foot pad is a car interior ornament made of PVC compound extracted from high-quality resin powder, which is melted and extruded at high temperature, molded into a silk bar on the PVC bottom plate, and refined through heating, cooling, cutting, trimming, inspection and other processes.

Real time manufacturing process

Advantages of PVC coil pad:

  1. Select your materials carefully. Made of super fiber wear-resisting leather, all around the pad, beautiful and practical, there are many colors for people to choose. Thick bottom can prevent chassis noise and tire noise, improve driving comfort.
  2. Double layer coil. The new double-layer detachable coil is used for protection, which is very convenient for cleaning and care. Snap design, simple installation, convenient and durable.
  3. Side heightening protection. Customized according to the model, with high side coverage, more comprehensive protection.
  4. Version standard. According to the data of the vehicle model, the laser coding method is adopted, which is a special version of the vehicle, without brake and accelerator jamming, and does not affect the use of the air outlet.
  5. Rear row design. The back row adopts the integrated bridge design, which is fit and wrinkle free, can cover more comprehensively, looks very clean and atmospheric, and gives the guests in the back row visual enjoyment.
  6. Seat slide is not stuck. The reserved slide position does not affect the movement of the front seat, and the rail corners fit.

7.Durable pedal. The driver’s position adopts thickened anti-skid and wear-resistant pedal, which can make the driver have a comfortable driving experience.

  1. The special technology of the silk ring foot pad makes the product have the function of anti-static. It can effectively release the static electricity generated by air drying, high-speed driving of the car and air friction, which can not only protect the safety of people, but also protect the electronic equipment in the car.

The car show

Our factory focuses on the R & D, production, and sales of special fully enclosed car mat, leads and guides the development of the car foot mats industry, pays attention to the user’s reputation and experience, and has a complete and scientific quality management system.

Our products of PVC wire ring foot mats for automobiles have super elasticity, excellent load-bearing capacity, extrusion without deformation, instant memory recovery, intact. Soft, smooth and comfortable. The spinneret is tough, glossy and soft. There are anti-skid nails on the back. The spinneret is well connected with the primer. The spinneret is textured and regular. The hand feel is soft and elastic. The anti-skid soft nails are evenly distributed on the back to effectively grip the floor.

In addition, we will also provide you with perfect after-sales service, including 15 days return, quality assurance. Before packaging and transportation, we need to check whether the quality of car floor mats is in good condition and deliver them according to the contract and plan.

Coil pad to New Zealand

Contracts with New Zealand customers

New Zealand customers have made a field trip and listened to the detailed explanation of the technical staff. They have a comprehensive understanding of our products. They intend to order a batch of coil foot mats first, and say that if the sales situation is optimistic, they will also consider purchasing other automotive supplies through our factory. Finally, we signed a contract and reached an agreement. We enjoyed our cooperation very much!