What are the highlights of PVC coil mats compared with other mats?

A car footpad is a kind of environmental protection car interior parts that integrates five main functions: water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, sound insulation, and main carpet protection. The car foot pad belongs to the interior decoration, which can keep the car clean inside and outside, and play beautiful and comfortable decoration.

The car footpad has the functions of absorbing water, vacuuming, and decontaminating, which can effectively prevent the water and dirt left on the sole from sliding between the clutch, brake, and accelerator, avoid potential safety hazards and reduce the possibility of interior pollution and damage. After all, cleaning the footpad is more convenient and economical than cleaning the interior.

Car foot mat

Classification of foot mats:

  1. Chemical fiber foot pad

Advantages: the sole choice of the auto factory is the original matching mat.

Disadvantages: it’s hard to take care of. It will get dirty for a long time.

  1. Linen mat

Advantage: low price.

Disadvantages: it is soft to touch, easy to bristle after cleaning, and it will deform after cleaning several times, which will cause the foot to step on the footpad surface and sink, affecting the comfort. It is recommended to replace it frequently to avoid sliding.

  1. Rubber foot pad

Advantages: the rubber foot pad is as easy to clean as the plastic footpad. The rubber mat is not easy to deform when the temperature changes greatly, so it is suitable for winter and summer.

Disadvantages: heavy taste.

  1. Woolen cloth foot mat

There are cashmere and pure wool. The price of hand-made products is generally high, which is not easy to take care of.

  1. Leather foot pad

Advantages: for example, a three-dimensional footpad, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: no water absorption, dust absorption, poor sound insulation

  1. Silk ring foot pad

Advantages: there are anti-skid bottom nails at the bottom to prevent sliding during use, while the surface is filiform, which can absorb all kinds of dust and silt. It has a strong ability to absorb dirt and can keep the car clean for a long time. It is suitable for use all year round. Moreover, the silk ring foot pad cleaning is effortless. When washing the car, use a water gun to clean it. Therefore, the silk circle footpad is safe and easy to handle footpad.

Coil foot mat

Advantages of PVC coil mat :

  1. Select materials carefully. It is made of super fiber and wear-resistant leather, surrounding the footpad, beautiful and practical. There are many colors for people to choose from. The thick base material can prevent chassis noise and tire noise and improve driving comfort. The suede car footpad can also absorb the residual noise and the sound echo in the car completely to protect the hearing from being damaged.
  2. Double layer coil. The new double-layer detachable coil is used for protection, convenient for cleaning and care—button design, simple installation, convenient and durable.
  3. Side heightening protection. Customized according to the model, with high side coverage, more comprehensive protection.
  4. Version standard. According to the vehicle model data, the laser coding method is adopted, which is a special version of the vehicle, without brake and accelerator jamming, and does not affect the use of the air outlet.
  5. Rear row design. The back row adopts the integrated bridge design, which is fit and wrinkle-free, can cover more comprehensively, looks very clean and atmospheric, and gives the guests the back row visual enjoyment.
  6. The seat slide is not stuck. The reserved slide position does not affect the front seat’s movement, and the rail corners fit.

Durable pedals. The driver’s position adopts a thickened anti-skid and wear-resistant pedal, making the driver have a comfortable driving experience.

PVC coil mat

On the market, all kinds of car foot mats have their own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing foot mats, car owners should first consider safety issues, then environmental protection. It is essential to protect their health. It should be noted that, when purchasing, we must identify the brand businesses of the foot mats, which is to prevent a series of problems caused by fake and inferior products; finally, car owners need to make more comparison with other foot mats and then choose the most suitable foot mats for their own use according to their actual situation and needs.