What do you know about the characteristics of PVC coil pad?

PVC, known in Chinese as polyvinyl chloride, was once the world’s largest general-purpose plastic in terms of output. It was widely used, and most of the popular coil pads are made of PVC.

PVC coil pad is a kind of car footpad, which belongs to the interior decoration. It integrates five water absorption functions, dust collection, decontamination, sound insulation, and protection of the main carpet. It protects the cleanness inside and outside the car and plays the role of beauty, comfort, and embellishment.

PVC coil pad can effectively prevent the water and dirt left on the sole from sliding with the clutch, brake, and accelerator, reduce the potential safety hazards and reduce the possibility of interior pollution and damage. After all, cleaning the footpad is more convenient and economical than cleaning the interior.

In the face of various car mats with different materials and designs on the market, why can PVC coil mats gain so much love and support? What do you know about its characteristics?


  1. Adopt high-quality environmental protection materials: the imported environmental protection raw materials are synthesized, healthy and odorless, free of formaldehyde and heavy metals, free of any pollution elements, free of irritant gases high-temperature exposure does not soften. PVC coil mats are produced in strict accordance with environmental protection standards. They are designed to be environmentally friendly and optimized. Through SGS testing in Switzerland, they will bring you a more safe, healthy, and comfortable environment-friendly interior space.
  2. Waterproof and anti-seepage, the strong function of scraping and sand storage: dust and dirt can be effectively controlled in the fiber layer, keep the car clean and fresh at any time, effectively protect the human respiratory system, protect the nose sensitive people from stimulation, even in rainy and snowy weather, the bottom material and technology can play a good waterproof and anti-pollution effect.

  1. Safe and flame retardant: The PVC coil pad’s surface is composed of thousands of coils, which have good flame retardant characteristics. High-temperature baking will not cause combustion, effectively ensuring the safety of the riding environment.

  1. Super anti-skid: high quality anti-skid convex grain produces friction with the ground, coupled with anti-skid soft nail design, strong grip, first-class anti-skid ability, will not move at will ensure driving safety.

  1. Good toughness: PVC coil pad has superelasticity and excellent load-bearing capacity. It can curl, fold and extrude freely without deformation. It can recover quickly. It is strong, elastic, tensile resistant, flat edge, without edge warping and curling. It has strong practicability.

  1. Comfortable, soft, and durable: the thick fiber layer on the surface has good elasticity, comfortable foot feeling, can reduce the foot pressure, effectively relieve foot fatigue, more relaxed and comfortable driving for a long time, and enhance the riding comfort. PVC material toughness, will not produce scratches and prevent high-strength wear and tear, durable.

  1. Easy decontamination and easy care: the cleaning method of the PVC coil pads is straightforward. For dirt and dust, please take out the pad and shake it, and shake it. For other stains, directly wash it with water or sprinkle some washing powder and detergent, then brush it with a brush, and then wash it with water.  Wash the car directly with running water, do not wait after washing, and dry as soon as you throw it away to avoid the peculiar smell of moisture caused by ordinary car cushions that are not easy to dry.

8.Free clipping: can be customized according to requirements and requirements, can also be arbitrary free clipping, accurate production, size fit, coil cushion beautiful grade. After clipping, do not drop slag; make fit tight and close seam.