Why are car carpets made of PVC coils so popular with consumers?

Automobile is the most representative human landscape in the 20th century and the most influential social thing in the 21st century. With the economic development and the improvement of living standards, automobile has entered thousands of households. For the car owners, the most troublesome part of car cleaning is to clean the underbody. Therefore, the car foot pad has become the essential first choice in the car.

What are the main car mats on the market?

  1. Chemical fiber foot pad: it is one of the earliest car foot pads, generally factory matching foot pads. It is corrosion-resistant, moth resistant and not easy to slip, but it is difficult to take care of, and it is not flame-retardant, easy to curl and has peculiar smell.

  1. Mat: there are two kinds of wool: wool and pure wool. It’s soft and comfortable. It looks good, but it’s not resistant to dirt. It’s difficult to clean. The price is generally high, and it’s not suitable for summer use.

  1. Leather foot pad: there are super fiber, leather, etc, which are generally leather all around foot pads. It has a high-level feeling, and the leather is more soft and comfortable. However, it has poor ability of absorbing dirt and water, especially when the shoes are stained with mud in rainy and snowy days, they squeak on the foot mats. In addition, leather is easy to be punctured by high-heeled shoes, poor leather is not water-resistant, easy to breed bacteria and affect health, and the price is inflated.

  1. Rubber foot pad: it is dirt resistant and easy to clean. It is not easy to deform when the temperature changes greatly. It is suitable for use in winter and summer, but has a strong taste.

  1. Flax foot pad: it is cheap and soft to touch, but it is easy to bristle after cleaning, and it will deform after cleaning several times, which will cause the foot to step on the foot pad surface and sink down, affecting the comfort. It needs to be replaced frequently to avoid sliding.

  1. Automobile carpet with PVC coil pad: also called PVC coil pad, it is the best one on the market at present. There are anti-skid bottom nails at the bottom to prevent sliding during use, while the surface is filiform, which can absorb all kinds of dust and silt. It has strong ability of absorbing dirt and can keep the car clean for a long time. It is suitable for use all the year round. And PVC coil Mat Carpet Cleaning is very simple, when washing the car, use a water gun to clean it.

As the most popular car floor mat, PVC coil carpet for automobile plays an important role in car protection:

  1. Protect the main carpet

PVC coil mat carpet can protect the main carpet in the car from too much friction and damage, and also keep the car environment clean and tidy, so that the owner’s mood will be better and can concentrate on driving.

  1. Sound insulation and shockproof

PVC coil mat carpet can prevent the noise of car chassis and tires, protect the hearing of car owners from being damaged, and improve driving comfort. It can also play a buffering role, buffering the shaking of the body and the vibration of the feet.

  1. Antiskid

Especially in rainy days, the residual moisture and dirt at the bottom of shoes are easy to make the feet slide, and the antiskid pedal of the foot pad will play a antiskid role.

  1. Improve driving comfort

The comfort of PVC coil pad is reflected in two aspects. One is that it has certain heat insulation function. Whether the front or rear engine of the car, the coil pad for the heat generated by the engine has a certain reduction. Second, it can absorb shock. It’s very important to have a good “foot feel” foot pad. The cushion between feet and the vehicle’s chassis can reduce the body shaking during driving.